Color Client Stories

People from around the world share how genetic testing for hereditary cancer risk has enabled them to be proactive about their health.

Helping an entire family be proactive

Piecing together three generations of cancer

For Carla and Kim, two sisters with a history of breast cancer, genetic testing was the final piece of the puzzle explaining why breast cancer has been in their family for three generations.

This was knowledge and knowledge is power…the more we know, the more preventative we can be.

– Carla

Looking for answers about a family history of cancer

Genetic testing can provide answers for people who have cancer in the family.


“I look at my two sons and my husband and I want to be there to watch them grow up.”


“We don’t ever want to have to uproot our lives to cancer. If we could have the information at our fingertips, wouldn’t we want it that way?”


“It definitely is something that will change my life. This is something to take and run with.”

Informing a personal history of cancer

Genetic testing can be informative for people who have had cancer,
their families and their healthcare providers.


“What it means for the future is that if something should occur that requires treatment, I feel like I’ve got one more tool in the toolbox, a little bit more information to deal with it well.”


“It was my caregivers, my oncologist…they said you have children and grandchildren, you must, you really must get tested genetically.”


“For my daughter to be able to test and learn about her potential history…it gives her the education and tools so she can prepare for her future.”

A curiosity for genetics

Some people find it empowering to get informed about their genetics.

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