COVID-19 Testing, Screening & Vaccine Management for Large Populations

Color enables fast, accurate, COVID-19 testing, screening and vaccine management for large populations, including easy to use technology, test results from at-home and in-person models and full program logistics.

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Trusted, End-to-End COVID-19 Programs for Any Situation

Public Health

Build flexible community testing programs at scale with fast and accurate testing, vaccine management and public health reporting.

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Deploy high frequency COVID-19 testing and population screening to mitigate outbreaks on campus.

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Mitigate risk and minimize outbreaks with large-scale, flexible testing and distributed workforce screening.

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Scalable Infrastructure

Color’s diagnostics infrastructure is designed for large-scale, distributed COVID-19 testing and screening to identify outbreaks quickly. We operate a CLIA-certified, high-capacity lab, processing thousands of tests daily, averaging a 24-hour turnaround. Our technology is designed to integrate seamlessly across multiple testing models: rapid, at-home, lab-based molecular, and pooled. 1

Flexible Testing

Color’s testing, , screening and vaccine management infrastructure is flexible, with access to real-time population health data for fast response to changing environments. We support clinician-monitored and self-collected samples that can be done at home or onsite, reducing costs and increasing scalability.

Experience & Expertise

Color works with hundreds of companies and large public entities including the City of San Francisco, processing hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 tests since April with over 70% of results returned in less than 24 hours and over 90% in less than 48 hours.1   We provide organizations with an integrated program including program management, logistics, best practices and effective communication strategies.

Monitored & Self-Swab Testing

Color operates under FDA Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) to offer both clinician-monitored and self-swab samples that can be done at home or onsite. By eliminating the need for clinicians to collect samples, Color lowers the cost and increases scalability of frequent testing for large populations.

Our cost-effective, accessible test kits are ideal for supporting mass-scale testing at universities, public health test sites and workplaces.

Color’s software powers COVID-19 testing in California

Our collaboration with PerkinElmer and the State of California is powering up to 150,000 tests a day.

Color works with the scientific community to provide effective testing protocols. See our outbreak modeling tool, now updated to explore the combined impact of testing and vaccination strategies.


RT-LAMP Technology

Color was the first lab in the U.S. with FDA EUA approval for RT-LAMP technology, a COVID-19 testing method that is as accurate as RT-PCR, about 50% faster, and relies on less constrained supply chains. Our high-throughput, CLIA-certified lab is fully automated to drive down costs and make testing simple and accessible. Read more on our Lab and Assay.

Color’s COVID-19 Testing FAQs


Color uses nucleic acid amplification techniques (RT-LAMP and RT-PCR) to detect the presence of SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA. Learn more about our testing and assay


Color accepts both nasal and throat swabs. The vast majority of our testing uses anterior nares (AN) swabs, a non-invasive swab that collects  specimens from the front part of both nostrils. Our unmonitored kits use dry AN swabs. Nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs must be administered by a clinician.

Getting tested takes about 10–15 minutes. Results typically take 24-72 hours, and in practice our average turnaround is 24 hours1 , though the actual time may vary. Turnaround time is the usual number of hours from the time a specimen is accessioned at the laboratory to when the result is released to the participant and ordering provider.

Depending on the type of program you have, Color will provide a unique URL or program code that allows participants to enroll in testing. They’ll be asked for basic information such as phone number and email address, and required CDC health information.


There are two ways to let us know who you’d like to be eligible for testing: 

  1. Does your testing population share an email domain (e.g., We can make anyone with an email on that domain eligible. 

  2. Want to use personal emails? Once your account is configured (~2-3 days after purchase) you can log into Color to add individual emails or upload a file to determine your program eligibility.

Once participants are eligible, they’ll head to to create a Color account and activate their test.

Color recently received an EUA from the FDA for self-swab sample collection. Each kit comes with detailed instructions on how to activate the kit, collect a sample, and repackage the kit. Our kits use AN swabs and are physician ordered. Processes for kit pick-up and dropoff will depend on the type of program you have.

First, participants confirm some basic information to check-in at the Color testing site. Then they proceed to sample collection where they provide consent for the test, and provide the sample via nasal swab. They’ll also receive a handout with a sample-specific barcode for results release.


When test results become available, participants receive a text message and/or email notification that links them to a HIPAA-compliant portal to view their results.

For university, employer, and public entity programs, we provide administrative teams with a program dashboard to effectively monitor participant health. The participant and ordering physician receive results directly through Color’s participant and provider portals. Participants provide consent for testing and HIPAA authorization for results sharing as part of our scheduling system before being tested.


Color has created a framework to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace, which can be found in our Return to On-Site Screening Strategies white paper.

As a clinical testing provider, Color adheres to the strictest privacy and security controls. Color is HIPAA-compliant and has worked with institutions ranging from the NIH to Fortune 500 employers. You may view our COVID terms of serviceNotice of Privacy Practices, COVID HIPAA authorization, and COVID informed consent to learn more.

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All Color molecular tests are Rx only and therefore are physician ordered.
All tests results are released to the ordering physician as part of the reporting workflow.


1. Color Genomics, Inc. Turnaround time by Collection Batch (July 2020). Burlingame, CA: Color Data Science.