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COVID-19 Response

Now Offering Testing, Telehealth, and Therapeutics

Build one comprehensive program to fulfill COVID-19 needs from testing to therapeutics. Color’s therapeutic platform makes scheduling a clinical consultation and receiving an antiviral therapeutic simple, fast, and accessible. With Color, patients can seamlessly move from test to telehealth to treatment all in one platform, within the critical time frame for effective treatment.

Protect your community with one comprehensive COVID-19 platform.

Color’s automated infrastructure was designed for large-scale, distributed population testing and therapeutics.

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Public Health

Build flexible community testing and therapeutics programs at scale with fast, accurate testing, public health reporting, and integrated treatment.

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Deploy high frequency COVID-19 testing and population screening to mitigate outbreaks on campus.
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Mitigate risk, manage compliance protocols, and deliver life-saving antiviral medicine with flexible testing, distributed workforce screening, and integrated treatment.

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K-12 Schools

Keep classrooms open and children safe with reliable testing solutions designed for dependents and adults alike.

Software, Services and Logistics customized for your needs

Color COVID-19 vaccination dashboards displaying charts and graphs of aggregated results

Test, monitor and respond to COVID-19 needs from one platform.

Our testing and vaccine management technology is easy to use, supports real-time tracking of individual progress across millions of samples, and includes dashboards and APIs to help integrate with your suite of IT solutions. Our software supports on-site and at-home testing, with automated reminders sent to participants to ensure testing compliance.

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Speed from testing to COVID-19 therapeutics

Patients must quickly begin treatment for antivirals to be effective. Currently, patients must take a test, find a provider who’s prescribing treatment, secure an appointment, and locate a pharmacy with inventory. Color’s software consolidates and automates the entire process to increase the chances of a patient getting and starting treatment.

A complete workplace testing solution with Color

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The Color Difference

Learn more about what makes Color COVID-19 programs so successful
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COVID-19 Testing Services

Flexible testing models and support to fit your exact need

Color’s testing and screening infrastructure is flexible, with access to real-time results for fast response to changing environments. We support clinician-monitored and self-collected samples that can be done at home or on-site, reducing costs and increasing scalability.

Therapeutic Services

Accessible COVID-19 Treatment for diverse populations

Our antiviral treatment program meets people where they are. We offer a telehealth visit and prescription delivery to ensure equitable access for vulnerable populations. Our software is easy to use with simple instructions and translated to multiple languages. It’s compatible with all testing modalities to maximize reach and patient adoption.

Color’s approach supports any type of testing model needed

Color works with the scientific community to provide effective testing protocols.

See our Outbreak Modeling Tool, now updated to explore the combined impact
of testing and vaccination strategies.


Self-administered tests and result workflows without the need for a dedicated clinician or supervisor


Ability to enhance in-person COVID-19 testing needs with a licensed clinician or Color specialist


COVID-19 test types ideal for programs in need of fast turnaround results


Ability to test large groups with a single test type, with follow-up testing if a positive test is identified


Self-administered testing and self-reported result programs with a software platform scalable to work anywhere


COVID-19 test types ideal for programs in need of molecular, higher-sensitivity result identification

From the turnaround time of results to the ease of use, I don’t think anyone out there can do it as well as Color.

Anthony Melo
Blue Diamond Growers

Color Therapeutics

Learn more about Color’s COVID-19 Antiviral Treatment Program

Medication Response and Management
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A variety of test kits and scalable infrastructure you can trust

Color’s population health infrastructure is designed for large-scale, distributed COVID-19 testing and screening to identify outbreaks quickly. We operate a CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited, high-capacity lab, processing thousands of tests daily, averaging a 24-hour turnaround. Color offers FDA Emergency Use Authorization test kits for clinician-monitored and self-swab testing, and also partners with rapid testing solutions to supply customers with the right testing options for their needs.

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Configurable and scalable to drive treatment program sustainability

Color has designed a COVID-19 antiviral treatment program to maximize patient impact and minimize resource needs. We can configure and scale the program to fit your population’s needs by enabling local pharmacies or using our own fulfillment, adjusting test type required, modifying eligibility criteria, providing various clinical consultation models, and supporting additional therapeutic pathways to ensure access to other treatments.

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Monitored & self-swab testing

Color operates under FDA Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) to offer both clinician-monitored and self-swab samples that can be done at home or on-site. By eliminating the need for clinicians to collect samples, Color lowers the cost and increases scalability of frequent testing for large populations. Our cost-effective, accessible test kits are ideal for supporting mass-scale testing at universities, public health testing sites, and workplaces.
Color dashboard displaying COVID-19 vaccination status and testing schedule
Designed with security at the core

PHI-protected test results and vaccination status

Color adheres to the highest industry standards for healthcare delivery: HIPAA-compliant software, and our lab is CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited.

Trusted partner for testing, therapeutics, and management

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20 Million

COVID-19 tests completed at-home, on-site and via mobile sites

1.7 Million

COVID-19 immunizations distributed on-site,
via mobile sites, and public health sites

4.8 Million

Patients have utilized Color’s digital
infrastructure for health services

Partner success stories,
from states to scientists

Color’s software powers COVID-19 testing in California. Our collaboration with
PerkinElmer and the State of California is powering up to 150,000 tests a day.
Read more success stories below:

University of California San Francisco

“The Color team made it feel as though the success of this program is a priority.”

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Blue Diamond Growers

“From the turnaround time of results to the ease of use, I don’t think anyone out there can do it as well as Color.”

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Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Testing an average of 1800 tests per week with a 15 hour turnaround.

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Color’s COVID-19 FAQs

How does a participant receive their results?

When test results become available, participants receive a text message and/or email notification that links them to a HIPAA-compliant portal to view their results.

Do employer teams receive results directly?

For university, employer, and public entity programs, we provide administrative teams with a program dashboard to effectively monitor participant health. The participant and ordering physician receive results directly through Color’s participant and provider portals. Participants provide consent for testing and HIPAA authorization for results sharing before being tested.

How often should participants be tested to contain the spread of COVID-19?

Color has created a framework to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace, which can be found in our Return to On-Site Screening Strategies [white paper].

What security and privacy protections does Color have in place?

As a clinical testing provider, Color adheres to the strictest privacy and security controls. Color is HIPAA-compliant and has worked with institutions ranging from the NIH to Fortune 500 employers. You may view our [COVID terms of service], [Notice of Privacy Practices], [COVID HIPAA authorization], and [COVID informed consent] to learn more.


Looking for customer support?

Email our support team at or call us at (844) 352-6567. Our hours of operation are 7 days a week 6 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time.

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