Ship2Home Covid-19 Testing Program
For Color’s US Based Employees

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, the health and safety of every Color employee remains a top priority for the People Team. Our Ship2Home COVID-19 Testing Program is available to all US based employees and their immediate household members. 


  • All US-based employees are eligible for up to ten free Ship2Home kits per month. Adult household members (excluding minors) who reside with the employee are eligible.
  • New hires are eligible for Ship2Home the first Friday coinciding with or following their date of hire.

Order a kit.


Receive & activate your kit.


Get your results.

1. Order a kit.

If you’re ordering a kit for yourself, go to Color’s Ship to Home page and enter your work email address. You must claim your kit at least 10 days before you need your results. Note: “+S2H” email addresses are no longer required for kit redemption.

If you’re ordering a kit for an adult household member (excluding minors), first submit your adult household member(s)’s email for eligibility. If you did not receive a confirmation email for this member, please confirm you have not done this before and resubmit the form. They can then head to Color’s Ship to Home page and enter the email address you registered.

2. Receive & activate your kit.

Once you receive a physical kit in the mail, activate your kit (color.com/covid/activate) and collect your sample.

For Fedex returns:
Return your kit to a FedEx drop box on the same day that you collect your sample. Because of return shipping limitations, it’s very important to know where your local FedEx drop box is and what the latest pickup time is on the day that you will activate. Find information about locations and pickup hours at color.com/fedex-dropbox. Do it on a weekday. FedEx won’t accept samples on a Saturday or Sunday.

For local drop off to Color HQ:
Return your kit to the outdoor drop box in front of Color’s HQ at 831 Mitten Rd, Burlingame on the same day that you collect your sample.

3. Get your results.

Most people will receive results within 72 hours after their sample arrives at the lab, but this time may vary. We’ll text and email you when your results are ready.

Below is a visual of the typical timeline from kit redemption to receiving results. Actual timing may vary due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather delays impacting mail delivery, etc.

Claim your kit




All US-based, FT/FT Temp/PT/PT Temp employees with a color.com email alias are eligible for this benefit.  Immediate household members (excluding minors) of eligible employees are also eligible for this benefit.

Use your regular color@ email address. Previously, +S2H email addresses were required to claim kits – this is no longer required.

This information will only be used to:

  1. have kits shipped to one designated address, and
  2. create the eligibility file that our system requires in order for the designated 

This information will be utilized by our fulfillment team to place your order.

The People Operations team will have access to results. We take HIPAA and protected health information very seriously and accessing this information is limited to  a need-to-know basis only. Laboratories within the United States and its territories are required to report all results to the appropriate public health authorities.

Onsite employees are eligible for this program; however, please continue to use your regular onsite testing protocol as required for our onsite occupational health and safety. Please do not replace your own regular onsite testing with one of these kits.

If you are an onsite employee, please follow the standard protocol of testing onsite using the COVID-19 testing kits that are provided for all employees. Please do not order Ship2Home kits for onsite testing.

Please allow for two-three business days to receive your kit. We recommend to claim kits 10 days before results are needed.

Results typically take up to 72 hours after your test is received at Color’s lab, though the actual time may vary. If you feel you are experiencing severe or worsening symptoms, do not delay seeking medical care while waiting for your results. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that people experiencing the following symptoms get emergency medical attention immediately: trouble breathing, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, new confusion, inability to stay awake or wake after sleeping, bluish lips or face.

This will be a new ongoing perk for all our employees.

You are eligible for up to 10 kits per month, combined for you and your immediate household.

Immediate household members are individuals who you live with at the same residence, who are not minors. This may include family members, roommates, or anyone else who lives with you at the same residence (excluding minors).  This does not include family members who do not live with you.

We are currently exploring the workflow to be able to accommodate household minors, however this capability is not available at this time.

No, you may only order up 1 kit at a time. A separate order will need to be placed for each individual kit.

No, individuals must use kits redeemed for themselves only.

Please follow the instructions in your kit to properly seal and send back your sample either via FedEx overnight or dropoff to Color HQ.  For FedEx returns, there is a pre-paid label that you can use to return the kit.

Your sample must be returned on the same day you collect it. If you aren’t able to return your sample on the same day, please contact support@color.com. Please note your test will be destroyed if it passes the threshold and you will need to retest.

You may keep your kit; however, please note that there may be expiration dates on your kit – all of which have been extended by 36 months per factory update. Please reach out directly if you have any questions regarding the expiration date of your kit

For kit-related issues (e.g., your kit never arrived or if you need to change your address), you can contact our support team at support@color.com.


For program-related questions (e.g., eligibility), you can contact benefits@color.com


Note: For safety reasons, DO NOT direct any questions about this program to the workplace team onsite.

You can only mail your sample from within the US.

Yes, all employees are eligible even if on leave.

There is a brown drop off box located in front of the 831 Mitten Rd office, labeled with S2H Drop Off Here.

Kits are picked up twice daily between 9AM-4:00PM, if you drop off a kit after the 4:00PM cutoff your kit will not be picked up until the following day at 9:00AM.

Once an employee is no longer employed with Color, the eligibility emails and associated household member accounts will no longer be accessible.

You will need to activate and retrieve your results using the +S2H address you used to order the kit.