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Essential Care

Essential care,
now within reach

We are dealing with a generational healthcare challenge. The strain placed on our existing system has left too many of us without access to the routine care we need, leaving us with lengthy wait times for limited in-person appointments or virtual visits that cannot provide actual physical care.

To make healthcare available to everyone, we have to bring the truly essential parts of in-person care beyond the four walls of the healthcare ecosystem and into our daily lives, whether it be in schools, at home, in the office — truly anywhere.

Color’s new offering infuses accessibility into healthcare delivery. We’ve taken our best practices from some of the largest population health initiatives across the country and built a simple, convenient approach to receiving essential healthcare services from anywhere.

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Building a front door to equitable healthcare, accessible from anywhere

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Equity starts with access

Color Essential Care is purpose-built around simplicity and convenience to reach each community in diverse ways. We enable routine care to be conducted anywhere — at home, in the office as part of a broader health program, or anywhere else care is needed. By replacing traditional wait times with a fast feedback loop that returns results and provides follow-up care intervention in a week, we increase utilization among those less likely to engage in preventive care.
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Covering high-risk health conditions

Our clinical specialists have identified a targeted set of health conditions that are the most often under-managed when participants lack access to routine care. We focus on high-risk health conditions with the least invasive and most convenient testing approach clinically available. Results are returned digitally, along with access to a licensed clinician who can provide prescription and intervention support when necessary.

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Disease prevention through early and active participation

Disease prevention cannot be achieved without active participation, yet most wait until after they are diagnosed when it is much harder and more costly to treat.

Color’s approach to clinical care and personalized engagement drives active participation. Our model has supported millions of individuals in completing COVID-19 testing and vaccinations across some of the largest state-wide programs in the country. It’s one of the reasons why the NIH chose us to oversee one of the largest health outcomes research programs in the world. Simply put, Color’s approach drives results.

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Essential care designed to reach everyone

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