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Address high-burden population health conditions with care delivery that’s more accessible and drives the right actions

Primary care is overextended and providers alone can’t systematically prevent costly health conditions. Color Essential Care identifies and addresses cardiometabolic diseases, mental health conditions, cancers, and modifiable risks and gaps in care before they become an expensive claim. With Essential Care, employers can streamline benefits and reduce costs while targeting the health outcomes they care about.

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Bringing better care into daily life

Essential Care works by making care available anywhere, including work sites and at home. Color’s hybrid model bridges physical care — such as population health screening — with digital provider access that happens on employees’ and members’ schedules. We eliminate the access barriers, unnecessary delays, and steps of traditional healthcare without removing important clinical touch points.

In as little as a week with less than an hour of effort, everyone gets critical annual screenings completed and is connected to follow-on care.

Traditional Care Model

Weeks to months of process, multiple hours of employee time

Traditional Care Model chart

Color’s Redesigned Care Model

As little as 1 week start-to-finish,
<1 hour of employee time

Color Redesigned Care Model chart

Comprehensive population health programs that can prevent disease and better manage existing conditions

Drive the right population health outcomes before they become high-cost

HR executives believe 53% of healthcare spend is wasted because benefits offerings aren’t leading to action.* Employees are confused on what is available to them and how to access it. And employers are overspending on programs with low utilization and unclear clinical impact.

Essential Care focuses on addressing the conditions that drive the most healthcare spending. We can screen, identify risk, and provide the right clinical care — whether that be treatment or lifestyle modification support — to each employee in a scalable way that directly meets population health goals.

*”Employee Benefits are Broken: How to Finally Transform Benefits to Benefit Everyone,” Jellyvision, 2021.

Convenient, accessible preventive care

Healthcare should be designed to work for everyone and be available where, when and how users want to engage. That is why we designed our programs to work on employees’ and members’ schedules, at a location that’s most convenient, and with accessibility best practices in mind. Color’s services are built to address common barriers to care access — including transportation, language and cultural needs, and technology constraints.

By replacing traditional wait times with an experience that’s simple, coordinated, and convenient, we increase utilization among those less likely to engage in preventive care. We also provide care navigation services to resources in your existing benefits ecosystem.

Teamsters Health & Wellness Fund

A new healthcare model for members where and when they need it

Teamsters Union Trucks
higher utilization with Color versus average utilization in Teamsters wellness programs
got actionable high-risk results for conditions that can be prevented
of members surveyed had not visited a doctor in the past year
scheduled a follow-up with their PCP after receiving their results

The Essential Care Difference:

Primary care providers alone can’t stop the healthcare crisis, and neither can concierge services that just add a digital layer to primary care providers. Color marries clinical care, screening and biometrics, and care navigation to actually improve outcomes in a much less costly, much more accessible way.

It’s fast.

It can take weeks to get a traditional lab appointment and even longer for a doctor’s appointment. Essential Care participants get results in 2-3 days, and meet with a healthcare provider to discuss those results within 24 hours.

It’s convenient.

Essential Care Kits can be used at home. No need to run across town for a doctor’s appointment or visit a lab.

It’s informative.

Participants get information that they can act on immediately plus help figuring out next steps. Essential Care screens for a wide variety of conditions, from diabetes to cancer.

It doesn’t stop with a test.

Participants connect with a healthcare provider, who helps with understanding the results and recommends any necessary follow up care. Care Navigators help execute on those steps.

It’s comprehensive.

For eligible participants, we can support them with enrolling in available care management programs — for diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, behavioral health needs, and more. Color offers these programs directly, or can provide warm handoffs to other benefits platforms.

Essential care designed to reach everyone


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