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HIV/STI infrastructure and services for public health

Color infectious disease programs are designed around simplicity, respect, and convenience, with the aim of removing the friction and stigma that obstruct access. By working with public health and community leaders, our model enables testing, counseling, and life-saving treatments to be accessed by more people, wherever they are.

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Equity & access

Color Health partners with local organizations and public health entities to reduce transmission by providing access to testing, counseling, and treatment. We design programs and deploy services that scale across geographies and break down barriers to access.

Clinical services

Color coordinates sample collection and testing capacity, integrating with public health and commercial testing laboratories. We provide counseling services and in-person and remote clinical consultations. We also support prescription and administration of treatments, follow-up evaluations, and compliance monitoring.

Scaling up public health workforces

In order to grow the pool of disease intervention specialists, counselors, and other critical service providers, Color partners closely with educational experts and community partners to provide convenient training programs built on simplified workflows and CDC guidelines.

Logistics and distribution

Color provides comprehensive program infrastructure for public health entities, including procurement and warehousing of critical supplies and prescription pharmaceuticals, and controlled distribution to dispersed geographic communities. The communities we reach have differing needs, so we offer flexible solutions — including shipping supplies to clinics and direct-to-patients.

Case Study: Partnership with AACEC

Color provides end-to-end public health testing and vaccine services in partnership with the African American Community Empowerment Council (AACEC) and State of California.

Color takes a localized, community-driven approach to healthcare by bringing services to where people are: in their homes, in schools, and in places of worship. By removing unnecessary barriers to access, such as scheduling appointments or providing a home address, we provide easier access to healthcare for traditionally underserved communities.

We invest in understanding the health literacy of the populations we serve, building trust and awareness in communities through our partnerships with local, community-based organizations.

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