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Infectious Disease

Get healthcare anywhere.

Color infectious disease programs are designed around simplicity, privacy,
and convenience, with the aim of removing the friction and stigma that
obstruct access. By working with public health and community leaders,
our model enables testing, counseling, and life-saving treatments to be
accessed by more people, wherever they are.

Collage of six people pulling up their sleeve showing a bandaid on their arm after getting a shot

HIV and STI infrastructure and
services for public health

Male student wearing a mask and backpack receiving a Color test kit from a woman wearing a lab coat

Equity & access

Color partners with local organizations and public health entities to provide community-driven, convenient, accessible testing, treatment, and linkage services. We design programs and deploy services that scale across geographies and break down barriers to access.

Woman with mask getting vaccination from medical professional

Clinical services

Color coordinates rapid and lab-based testing capacity, integrating with public health and commercial testing laboratories. We provide counseling services and connect patients to in-person and remote clinical consultations. Color partners with clinical teams to provide prescriptions, administer treatments, follow-up evaluations, and compliance monitoring.

Female medical professional wearing a mask holding a tablet at a testing site

Scaling up public health workforces

In order to grow the pool of disease intervention specialists, counselors, and other critical service providers, Color partners closely with educational experts and community partners to provide convenient training programs built on simplified workflows and CDC guidelines.

Woman typing on laptop with a Color kit on a desk next to her

Logistics and distribution

Color provides comprehensive program infrastructure for public health entities, including procurement and warehousing of critical supplies to dispersed geographic communities. The communities we reach have differing needs, so we offer flexible solutions — including shipping supplies to clinics and direct-to-patients.

Case Study

Partnership with Friendship Christian Center & Third Baptist Church

In December 2021, Friendship Christian Center and Third Baptist Church partnered with Color Health to bring HIV testing services to their communities. Free testing was offered at two existing COVID-19 vaccination sites, and 40% of participants opted-in to get tested. In just one week of this pilot program, Color, Friendship Christian Center, and Third Baptist Church were able to test hundreds of patients for HIV.  

None of this would have been possible without a strong partnership between Color, Friendship Christian Center, and Third Baptist Church. While Color possesses the expertise and health infrastructure to deliver exceptional healthcare to diverse populations, the successful execution of on-the-ground testing programs requires local leadership and collaboration.


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