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K-12 Behavioral Health

Ensure every child gets access to the behavioral support they need.

Mood Lifters by Color brings accessible, effective, and sustainable behavioral health support to children and teens. 

  • Simple, clinically-based assessment
  • Evidence-based programming drawing from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and more
  • Staffing, ongoing training, and supervision
  • Age- and culturally-appropriate care, in 13+ languages
  • Diverse group leaders from within the community

Child and adolescent behavioral health is an emerging public health crisis.

1 to 1,807

Ratio of practicing child and adolescent psychiatrists to children who need care1

>1 in 5

Number of children living below 100% of the federal poverty level who had a mental, behavioral, or developmental disorder2

4 in 10

Number of educators who report being burnt out ‘always’ or ‘very often’ at work, yet educators are often the first to notice mental health problems3, 4

All Students Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health Classroom

Designed to be sustainable

By leveraging our group wellness model as a first-line-of-defense for students with mild-to-moderate behavioral health needs, we are able to serve many more students and reduce the total cost of care without sacrificing outcomes.

Woman smiling looking down at phone

Faster connection to care

More youth need care than our nation has counselors for. Color can provide mental health services with the Mood Lifters program to students on an ongoing basis, with virtually no wait time for students to get support. Students can join the program to address their mental health needs or attend while waiting to see a clinician for individual therapy.

Color Behavioral Health Right Time

Culturally-competent, age-appropriate care, in 13+ languages

86% of psychologists are white.6 Our group leaders and helpers are from the community, ensuring they understand the students they’re helping and foster trust. Each program is designed to address age-specific topics including emotions, body image, apologizing, and more.

Behavioral Health Staff Family Support

Care that actually helps

Mood Lifters by Color uses evidence-based practices rooted in CBT, DBT, and more to increase participants’ joy, energy, and peace, decrease depression, anxiety, and loneliness, and improve relationships, physical activity, and positive behaviors. In fact, we see an 11% reduction in child-related anxiety and depression. When asked to rate their child’s improvement, we saw an 18% reduction in parent rated anxiety, and a 30% reduction in parent rated depression.7

How Mood Lifters by Color works

Easy implementation, faster care

Mood Lifters by Color can support more students, faster and significantly reduce and even prevent mild to moderate depression and anxiety symptoms. It is flexible enough to work as a stand-alone program or as a complement to other behavioral and mental health services.

Icon Appropriate Care

Awareness and education

We can partner with you to educate students, parents, and the community about the program and its benefits for students. 

Icon Screening Platform

Set-up and consents

We can collect any and all consents for eligible students, set them up in our platform as Mood Lifters participants, and provide program manuals and supplies to the school to be distributed to participants.

Connect to Care

Staffing and group format

Group sessions can be in-person, where a trained Leader and Helper visit the school to lead sessions each week. Group sessions can also be virtual, where Color would provide a private video conference link that the program coordinator at the school can use to facilitate the program for students.

Group and Peer Therapy

Group sessions

Each week of Mood Lifters begins with a check-in survey that participants fill out on their own (for teens) or with the help of a parent or school staff (for kids). Each session covers a different topic and provides at-home practice exercises. Topics include behavior change, thinking traps, managing conflict, and more. 

Program Reporting

Reporting and tracking

At the end of the program, participants and parents receive a report highlighting their progress made over the course of Mood Lifters. School sponsors are given access to a dashboard, where they can track the aggregate number of participants in Mood Lifters groups and observe the group’s progress overall. 

Mood Lifters should not be confused with traditional health care or medication. Mood Lifters is a revolutionary and effective peer-led support system designed to be extraordinarily affordable and accessible to a broad range of people facing common mental health challenges or life stressors.

Color Behavioral Health Schools

For Schools

1 in 5 adolescents aged 9-17 have a diagnosable psychiatric disorder, yet no state has an adequate supply of child psychiatrists.5 Our model improves capacity to identify more at-risk youth earlier and ensure they get age-appropriate care.

Color Behavioral Health Publichealth

For Partners

There are over 6,000 mental health professional shortage areas (HPSAs) in the US. Color’s model connects underserved populations to culturally-appropriate resources in multiple languages, no matter where they are.

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