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The CDC estimated that in 2019, 6 in 10 American adults had a chronic condition and as many as 33% of them also delayed some form of routine care due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Convenient, high-quality care is becoming increasingly difficult to access. Our fragmented healthcare system isn’t set up to deliver care when and where we need it, leading to poor participation, disparities in access, low engagement, and frustration. Color is changing how people experience healthcare, partnering closely with organizations to improve consistent and equitable access to basic and essential services. Focused first on prevention, but also supporting the employee through follow-on care.

Enabling organizations and their employees to be more proactive about their health

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A program purpose-built around simplicity and convenience to reach your employees anywhere care is needed

Color’s Essential Care program provides screening and treatment for chronic or lifestyle conditions such as diabetes, while our Population Genetic Screening program provides screening for inherited risk of conditions like cancer.

Improve the employee experience

When something is challenging or difficult to access, people avoid it. Color increases access by providing a simpler model for delivering basic and essential care services. We do this by making things easy, convenient, and affordable.

Engage employees earlier

Color helps address high-cost events before they happen by engaging employees early to get ahead of their conditions before they worsen, unlike many other vendors who engage only after a claim has been made. This allows us to quickly close the loop between risk identification and risk specific intervention.

Increase utilization and participation

Color’s technology supports every interaction from engagement to follow-up and treatment. We send screening kits directly to your employees homes and virtual consults to remove traditional barriers like long wait times and scheduling complexities.

A better cost structure

Color collapses the traditional multi-step process of getting care into a more simple and cost-effective experience, reducing the amount of time and steps needed to get care.

Provide better health equity

Equity starts with access– by replacing traditional delivery models of care with a fast feedback loop that returns results and provides follow-up care in a week, we can increase participation among people who historically are not likely to engage in preventive care.

Preventive Care Services

Infrastructure supporting every interaction.

Everything required to manage a program in a single platform that enables simple and convenient access to care with low overhead.


Designed for ease of use, enrollment and onboarding is quick, results are provided digitally directly to participants, and the entire process is supported by built-in engagement tools that keeps participants motivated and on track. We provide support to educate your population, run eligibility checks, and have dedicated support for your program.

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Clinical services

A team of board-certified clinicians provide a concierge-like experience – they answer questions, provide education, and offer support to employees and their families. They are able to diagnose specific conditions as well as prescribe treatments that are sent directly to patients.

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Flexible implementation

Color allows you to choose how your program is deployed, provides the ability to select specific populations and health applications, and can integrate easily into your existing benefits ecosystem. We also support your launch with a customized campaign using communications adapted to your workforce.

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Aggregate reporting and actionable insights

Capture a more holistic view of your organization’s health. Dashboards and reports improve your understanding of your employees health risks. Use this information to make better decisions and inform future decisions to avoid high-cost claims.

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We believe in a future of healthcare delivery that is designed to increase access for everyone, everywhere.