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Public Health

Scalable, customizable COVID-19 testing,
vaccination, and therapeutic programs
for public health needs

A single platform and lab infrastructure trusted to protect vulnerable
populations and improve health outcomes for millions.

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End-to-End Solution

COVID-19 needs are evolving. Your technology and infrastructure should, too.

As we move into a new era of COVID-19 variants, evolving safety protocols and booster vaccination needs, a sustainable, long-term approach to testing, vaccination, and treatment is key.

COVID-19 Testing and Vaccines

Color offers a variety of testing and vaccine management options to meet your needs.

Color’s COVID-19 testing programs include software, logistics, services for on-site setup, and tests for any public health delivery model. Plus, you can manage COVID-19 vaccination delivery for adults and children, including boosters, from the same platform.

Fast, accurate molecular tests

Fast, accurate molecular testing supported by a nationwide lab network to facilitate scalable testing programs from anywhere.

Illustrations representing the testing of collected samples for COVID-19

Rapid antigen tests

Quickly deploy rapid antigen tests to support mass-scale testing for in-person, at-home or hybrid workforces.

Software for testing and vaccine delivery

A single platform – from registration to reporting – to manage COVID-19 testing, vaccination and booster needs across large populations.

Illustrations representing the COVID-19 testing process

Trusted, scalable testing infrastructure and services. All managed from one platform.

Color COVID-19 vaccination dashboards displaying charts and graphs of aggregated results

Your department chooses the testing approach that fits your specific needs.

You’ll get test kits, Color software, and everything you need to run a testing program.

Person working at an outdoor Color COVID-19 testing site

Color’s onsite software and infrastructure make setup and scaling of new testing sites easy.

Group of people sitting at a table in a conference looking at laoptops and papers

Constituents have easy-to-follow scheduling and follow-up instructions.

Color dashboard showing results summary

Results are uploaded to state information immunization systems.

View real-time results in our secure dashboards.

Antiviral Treatment Program

Quick and seamless antiviral access with Color’s COVID-19 Antiviral Treatment Program

Color’s COVID antiviral treatment program supports screening and eligibility management, telehealth consultation, prescribing, and fulfillment of currently EUA-authorized oral antivirals. Color’s secure platform is HIPAA-compliant and structured to provide the fastest path to beginning treatment for those patients within 3-5 days of symptom onset.

Accessibility for diverse populations

Our antiviral treatment program meets people where they are. We offer a telehealth visit and prescription delivery to ensure equitable access for vulnerable populations. Our software is easy to use with simple instructions and translated to multiple languages. It’s compatible with all testing modalities to maximize reach and patient adoption.

Speed from testing to therapeutics

Patients must quickly begin treatment for antivirals to be effective. Currently, patients must take a test, find a provider who’s prescribing treatment, secure an appointment, and locate a pharmacy with inventory. Color’s software consolidates and automates the entire process to increase the chances of a patient getting and starting treatment.

Configurable and scalable to drive program sustainability

We drive sustainability by reducing the burden on traditional clinics and adapting to a dynamic environment. We can configure and scale the program to fit your population’s needs by enabling local pharmacies or using our own fulfillment, adjusting test type, modifying eligibility, providing various consultation models, and supporting additional therapeutic pathways.

Color Employee Packing Tests

A configurable and scalable infrastructure for therapeutics

  • Efficient, easy-to-use patient experience
  • Consultation with licensed clinicians
  • Identification of nearby pharmacies with inventory
  • Optional dispensing services and direct-to-home fulfillment
  • Patient support for technical and clinical questions
  • Real-time program reporting and dashboards

Color supports some of the largest COVID-19 public health programs across the country.

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People wearing Color shirts standing next to cars and cones at a COVID-19 testing site
Case Study

Population-Scale Testing for the City of San Francisco

In April 2020, the City of San Francisco partnered with Color to create a flexible testing model that allows the City to identify employees, essential workers and residents exposed to COVID-19, and route them immediately to testing.

“To achieve our goal of universal access, we have continually expanded testing, based on where the need is greatest and the availability of resources,” said Dr. Colfax, Director of Health in San Francisco. To that end, the City and Color have focused on flexibility to meet the changing testing needs of local workers and residents. This has included pop-up sites in hard-hit neighborhoods and mobile testing for skilled nursing facilities around the city.

Color’s seamless reporting structure provides results to individuals, primary care physicians, the California Department of Health, and the San Francisco Department of Public Health to enable contact tracing and mitigate outbreaks.

Healthcare workers conducting COVID-19 tests for people in cars next to a tent the Color wheel logo

>300,000 tests processed

90% of results in <48 hours


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