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Color makes it easy to set up and run your own testing program. Order test kits and get started with Color today.

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Easy to implement

Get up and running in a few days, thanks to Color’s robust software, easy-to-follow guides, and low-stress self-swab kits.

Scalable and convenient

Order up to 500 kits at a time with a credit card. Scale testing up or down as your needs change.

Fast and accurate

Receive test results quickly—in less than 24 hours for over 99% tests1.

Here’s how it works:

Set up your account.

Input basic information and order your first batch of test kits.

Distribute kits to participants.

Employees use simple, comfortable self-swab kits.

Ship the kits back.

Color supplies all the return packaging and pre-paid shipping labels.

Participants receive a secure link to results via text and email.

Color’s test results pages are secure and HIPAA-compliant.


Monitor activity and results in real time.

Designate team members to access dashboards with program stats and specific results.

Color works with hundreds of businesses, universities, and state and local governments across the U.S.

Our self-swab test kit received an FDA Emergency Use Authorization in September 2020, and our CLIA-accredited and CAP-certified laboratory returns results quickly and accurately.

6 million

COVID-19 test results returned


testing sites supported across the country


of results returned within 24 hours1

Get started for $75 per kit,

or $70 with a monthly subscription.2

Purchase includes:

Self-swab kits
Color’s software
Results tracking & reporting
Free shipping & handling
Ongoing support

Choose the solution that’s right for you

Whether you need kits for a one-off event or a recurring testing program, we’ve got you covered.

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Frequently asked questions

Self-serve works great for organizations across the U.S.: public, private, small or mid-size, looking to test adults one-time or on a regular basis (e.g., weekly), as needed.

Any adult (18+) can test with Color.

Once the tests get to our lab, results typically take 1-3 days. It is important to ship collected samples to us on the day they’re collected to make sure samples are valid when they get to the lab and to keep turnaround time to a minimum.

Your order includes enough return packaging to ship all your kits back to the lab once. Each shipping box can hold 30 kits.We accept boxes with as little as one sample.


If you’re planning to use your kits over a period of time, make sure you have enough lab return packaging to ship back samples each time you test. If you buy 50 kits to test 10people each week, you’ll receive 2 return boxes with your kits, so you should purchase 3 additional return boxes.

Color uses RT-LAMP, a molecular COVID-19 testing method that is as accurate as RT-PCR, about 50% faster, and relies on less constrained supply chains. We process samples in our Burlingame, CA lab, which is CLIA and CAP certified. You can read more on our lab & assay here.

You can buy anywhere from 25-1,000 kits per order. Need more than 1,000 kits? Check out twice!

We’ll process your order within ~24 hours. From that point, orders take ~5 business days to be delivered via FedEx. If it’s been more than 6 days since you ordered your tests, please reach out to to get more information on your order status.

All Color molecular tests are prescription-only – aka physician ordered. ​​If you don’t have a physician at your organization to order your tests, Color can facilitate this during the checkout process as a pass-through fee without markup. All you need to do is pay the pass-through fee, we’ll take care of the rest.

No. The price you pay already includes the test materials, shipping and handling (to you and back to our lab), sample processing in our lab, access to our software, and live support.

There are two ways to let us know who you’d like to be eligible for testing. We’ll ask you to choose at checkout: 

  1. Does your testing population share an email domain (e.g., We can make anyone with an email on that domain eligible. 
  2. Want to use personal emails? Once your account is configured (~2-3 days after purchase) you can log into Color to add individual emails or upload a file to determine your program eligibility.

Once participants are eligible, they’ll head to to create a Color account and activate their test.

1Color Health, Inc. Turnaround time by Collection Batch (April 2021). Burlingame, CA: Color Data Science.
2Any Color kit purchase requires a minimum purchase of 25 kits and a physician order. If you need a physician order, Color can connect you with an independent third party physician network for an additional, one-time pass-through fee based on the number of testing participants in your program.


All Color molecular tests are Rx only and therefore are physician ordered.
All tests results are released to the ordering physician as part of the reporting workflow.