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Peer-Reviewed publications and white papers from the Color team and our collaborators.


Peer-Reviewed Publications
The “All of Us” Research Program
New England Journal of Medicine (2019)
Urologic Oncology: Seminars and Original Investigations (2019)
PNAS (2019)

Cascade Genetic Testing of Relatives for Hereditary Cancer Risk: Results of an Online Initiative
Journal of the National Cancer Institute (2019)

Identification of a novel GREM1 duplication in a patient with multiple colon polyps
Familial Cancer (2019)

Rare TP53 variant associated with Li-Fraumeni syndrome exhibits variable penetrance in a Saudi family
npj Genomic Medicine (2018)

A machine learning model to determine the accuracy of variant calls in capture-based next generation sequencing
BMC Genomics (2018)

Scaling resolution of variant classification differences in ClinVar between 41 clinical laboratories through an outlier approach
Human Mutation (2018)

Human Mutation (2018)

Multi-gene Panel Testing For Hereditary Cancer Predisposition In Unsolved High Risk Breast And Ovarian Cancer Patients
Breast Cancer Research and Treatment (2017)