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Hereditary Cancer Test



Sample Reports

To request printed materials, please email



Patient Self-Pay
Color’s self-pay price is $249. Patients can pay in the provider’s office or at home via credit card. Payment is required before the test can be processed.

Insurance Billing
Color makes pricing transparent for both you and your patients from the start. Our smart, online tools are designed to enable you and your patients to access the lowest estimated payment option available. We review your patient’s insurance information and assess their payment options using your patient’s deductible, co-insurance, and health plan details.

When you submit an online order through the Color Provider Platform, our online tool can quickly determine if your patient is eligible for insurance billing.

If your patient’s out-of-pocket (OOP) is estimated to be less than Color’s self-pay price and they meet medical criteria, Color will submit the claim to the insurance plan.

For the following health plans, complete and include the following forms with your Color order:





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